Integrated Financial Planning

Key Components of an Integrated Plan

It is our goal to set the highest standard for the wealth management profession, enriching the lives of clients by providing a path to financial independence through our signature cash flow discipline, thoughtful planning and measured investments. We are committed to making a difference – one relationship at a time.

We don’t just create a planning binder and then call it complete. We help you design a discipline to find financial independence.

When you work with Gratus:

  • You should feel like our only client.

  • We will give you personalized service and attention to detail.

  • We will build a team of professionals just for you.

  • We will collaborate with your other trusted advisors.

  • We have a process to help you get organized and simplify your financial life.

  • We will work with you to create a financial independence plan through a disciplined approach to building, investing and preserving your wealth.

  • We will provide resources and articles that are relevant to you.


We will help you organize your financial life, because feeling secure in your daily cash flow is just as important as confidence in your insurance, investments, taxes, estate planning and more.


We want to work with you to help you achieve your best life. We will work with you to understand your responsibilities, clarify your objectives, and ensure your progress towards both.


We can objectively consult with you in those meaningful moments where emotion can drive decisions.  We provide you with the key information you need to make good choices.


We will keep an eye on the horizon for the inevitable life changes to come and create action plans to meet, manage, and help ease the transitions.


We will begin with a thorough understanding of your situation, obligations, and goals. From there, we will share the essential resources you need as you explore options and possibilities for how to meet those requirements and objectives.


As your partner, we work to create a plan to improve and simplify your financial life. We work directly with your advisors, CPA, attorneys and insurance agents as a team to manage the financial planning and investment process.

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