Family Wealth Advisory

For high net worth individuals and families who want a comprehensive approach to wealth management and personalized service, Gratus is a hands-on, proactive firm that serves as its clients’ Personal Wealth Advocate.

You get advice from your CPA, estate attorney, insurance agent, business consultants, mortgage brokers, etc., but too often they are not working together. They each provide sound recommendations but leave implementation up to you and your family. We serve as your Personal Wealth Advocate to make sure that vital information is shared among advisors, so you get coordinated advice. Then we own the gray space – the tasks that need to be done.

Our Family Wealth Advisory clients include high net worth individuals and families, many of whom bring complex wealth management challenges and need coordinated advice that integrates tax strategies, investment due diligence, estate planning techniques, and reporting that brings it all together.

  • Investment Due Diligence

  • Cash Management

  • Insurance Planning and Risk Management

  • Tax Planning

  • Wealth Transfer and Estate Planning

  • Family Education Meetings

  • Estate Settlement Procedural Support

We help clients manage change by creating a plan that weathers the storms of life. Gratus will develop a highly customized wealth management and conservation plan to grow with your needs, shift with the times, and help relieve the weight and responsibility of managing for the future. In short, we’ll give you the financial peace of mind necessary to allow you to live confidently, fully and purposefully.

We take the time to understand each client’s complete financial picture – from tax and investment strategies to cash flows and estate plans, so that we can provide a clear and simple path to financial independence through our signature cash flow discipline, thoughtful planning, and measured investments.

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