Jon Houk

Jon Houk, CFP®
Wealth Advisor
Wealth Management, Investment Strategy
Phone: (404)-961-6000
Fax: (404)-961-6020

As a minister’s son, Jon grew up with a fundamental sense of right and wrong and a strong respect for ethics and relationships. Pairing his talent, insight and knowledge with a warm, candid personality, he has become a trusted professional for many Atlanta families.

Career Highlights
Jon entered the financial services industry back in 1985, and he’s advised clients for more than 30 years, in bull and bear markets, doing the work he’s passionate about. In fact, his personal mission statement is “to do all things with integrity and passion, all the while staying connected and committed to my God and my family.”

At age 25, Jon was selected by a major financial services company to open and manage its new branch office in Birmingham. A year later, he became a regional manager for that same company in Atlanta. However, Jon soon realized that he wanted to be as independent and unique as the clients he advised. He realized that most large financial services corporations were not always working toward the benefit and best interest of the client.

  Keeping this in mind, Jon created JPH Advisory Group, and he became the client-based advisor his clients wanted. Jon knew that only by creating an independent, client-centric firm could he have the time to develop deep relationships with his existing clients and thereby help them create financial success for the long run.

On August 1, 2018, Jon Houk and JPH Advisory Group joined Gratus Capital, LLC, an Atlanta-based registered investment advisory firm, bringing together two terrific boutique teams that care deeply for clients and share a common approach to integrated, thoughtful financial planning and investment management.

Outside the Office
Jon and his wife, Christine, are involved parents who understand the importance of passing along their values and sense of ethics to their children. They maintain active roles in their children’s team sports, church, and school. Jon is devoted to making a difference in the lives of others, whether volunteering on a baseball field or working with a client to help them achieve their goals for the future.