Letter From Our Founder

Hank McLarty

In 2004 I was honored to be named one of the top 100 advisors in the United States by Barron’s Magazine. While in New York at a recognition dinner, I met other advisors who shared the same distinction but who were independent. I quickly learned that by being an independent advisor I could build a business that focused on the needs and goals of my clients, rather than the revenue goals of my employer. My vision was cast: to create a firm that works every day to provide financial well-being at the most personal and yet sophisticated level, and to do this for a select group of clients. I’m proud to say that at Gratus, we are doing just that … and it’s working.

We have created a service structure in which we partner with subject matter experts like CPAs, attorneys, and estate planning consultants, and we employ Certified Financial Planners.  The collaboration of our partners and employees brings planning and investment leadership to the table while providing a seamless process to deliver financial well-being for all Gratus clients.

What exactly do I mean by “financial well-being”? Over the years I have learned that many people have seen some form of a financial plan or cash flow projection towards retirement, but they generally have three problems in reaching their goals. The process is often designed to generate the sale of a product, like insurance or trust services. The plan is often not individualized and lacks the required attention to detail. The documentation clients generally receive does not truly reflect an investment plan that will achieve the client’s goals because it often lacks grounding in real-life situations.

Consider this: Combine a sound investment strategy with a detailed financial plan that addresses every aspect of your finances. Consider a financial plan that evolves as your life unfolds and an investment strategy that is proactively rebalanced as the market changes or your needs do.  Enjoy the security of two of the largest and most conservative custodians in the world.

Then add a highly qualified team who is following up on all the details and communicating progress to you regularly. There you have it—the Gratus Capital philosophy of financial well-being.

Best regards,

Hank Signature