Introducing the “Two Minutes With Todd” Podcast

Gratus Capital Launches Weekly Podcast for Market Highlights

Gratus Capital, an Atlanta-based full-service wealth management firm, recently launched its first podcast, “Two Minutes with Todd Jones” to complement its recurring monthly “Market Markets” webinar.  

During this new weekly podcast, Todd Jones, the firm’s Chief Investment Officer, discusses the latest headlines in investment trends. In just 120 seconds, listeners will gain quick, recent market and economic investment insights in preparation for market changes in the week ahead.

“We know how busy investors are and wanted to provide an efficient way for them to have a macro view of the forces affecting the financial markets each week,” Jones said. “We have had great success with our ‘Market Matters’ webinar and wanted to pair it with a quick, higher level view of market trends in order to better prepare our clients and other investors for investment decisions.” 

The “Two Minutes with Todd Jones” podcast is available every Monday on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and wherever people get their podcasts.