Gratus Capital Shifts to Virtual Meetings

Just like many of our clients, the day-to-day of Gratus employees has been impacted by COVID-19 in
recent weeks. While Gratus immensely values our face-to-face client interactions, the firm moved to a
remote work plan in early March with the safety of our clients and employees in mind. While such a shift
in the work environment is often daunting, Gratus was prepared for the challenge.
In January, the financial planning committee at Gratus began working on several firm-wide initiatives
with an improved client experience in mind. One of these initiatives was to research, vet and implement
the best virtual meeting software for our firm and clients. Originally developed with the intent of
creating a better client meeting experience for our clients who live outside of Georgia, the eventual
implementation of our new meeting platform (Zoom) proved incredibly timely. When Gratus ultimately
moved to a remote working contingency plan, we had already tested and implemented Zoom within the

Ultimately, this led to a seamless transition for our employees and clients. Even though we’ve
experienced a few technological challenges, we’ve had great success using Zoom to keep us connected
to each other and to our clients. Todd Jones, our Director of Investments, has leveraged Zoom for his
weekly “Market Matters” update on COVID-19 as well as his sharing of valuable insights on the broader
economy and financial markets.

This is an unprecedented time in history. Gratus advisors and staff remain available, ready to assist our
clients during this challenging time. While we’ve adopted “social distancing” and “shelter-in-place” to
protect the health of our community, we remain committed to serving our client’s with a “business as
usual” attitude thanks to our early adoption of virtual meeting initiatives.