Wetland Preservation At Blue Heron Nature Preserve

On Friday, May 31st, the Gratus team gathered for their second volunteer event of 2019, this time at the Blue Heron Nature Preserve. As a 501(c)3 nonprofit, Blue Heron strives to create a personal experience with nature through conservation, education, research, and advocacy. Located in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, the preserve spans 30 acres and is made up of three parcels of land: Woodland Loop, Emma Wetlands, and Land O Lakes.  Blue Heron began as a land conservation project in 2000, and since then, their efforts have expanded across all the ecosystems of the preserve including a community garden, solar-powered field research center, turtle sanctuary, and more.

Trail Maintenance and Wetland Preservation

For our day of volunteer work, our team was assigned to the Emma Wetlands area of the nature preserve to work on trail maintenance and wetland restoration. The team split into small groups to restore the trails where weeds and brush had grown onto the trails and bridges.

Once the trails got cleared, the groups moved on to restoring the viewing area and collecting trash. The group assigned to the viewing area worked to restore rotted wood that serves as a barrier between the viewers and the natural habitat so as to not disturb any of the species living in the wetlands.

Towards the end of the event, the team gathered for a quick lecture on evasive plant types, such as English ivy and kudzu, and how to safely remove them from the habitat. The team dispersed to remove these evasive plants and finalize their habitat restoration.  After a warm afternoon of volunteering, the team left feeling grateful for the unique opportunity to restore a habitat in a local urban environment.

Opportunities at BHNP

The nature trails at Blue Heron are free for the public to roam year round. The preserve offers outdoor education, day camps, and the opportunity to host your own program, such as a birthday party, field trip, or scout program. To learn more about the preserve’s educational program, click here: https://bhnp.org/edu.

Want to volunteer at Blue Heron? Go to https://bhnp.org/volunteer to learn about all the ways you can volunteer. BHNP also accepts many forms of donations. Check out ways to give at https://bhnp.org/donate.