Core Values Start at the Top: Gratus Leader Grows Expertise at Harvard Program

Core values are more than just words. At Gratus, one of our foundational pillars is to Grow Expertise, where we make it our mission to learn new things and where a hunger for new knowledge starts at the top. 

Gratus Capital founder and President Hank McLarty reinforced the value of expertise development and joined 24 other Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) leaders at Harvard Business School for the inaugural Focus Financial Leadership Academy.

The Ivy League-level leadership development program was held February 18-22, 2019, at Harvard Business School’s 40-acre campus in Boston. Customized to the financial services industry, the course was designed to supercharge the capabilities of RIA leaders and raise each organization’s collective leadership abilities. In addition, attendees discussed the most pressing challenges and opportunities facing each Focus Financial partner.

Throughout five intensive days, course participants were immersed in the rich Harvard learning traditions that included faculty presentations, case studies, industry guest speakers, and small group discussions.

“I was honored to be invited to join other Focus Financial partners at Harvard Business School for this invaluable leadership and expertise development experience. The program really allowed everyone to explore their own thoughts and learn from others,” McLarty said. 

“I’m incredibly proud of what we’re doing here at Gratus. The expertise growth that I gained in the leadership course will help me to improve the firm and the client experience as we grow.”

Every industry in the world is facing its own set of unique, complex challenges and emerging opportunities. Consequently, Gratus recognizes that organizational leadership and continued professional development are critical as we respond to those challenges and opportunities.

At Gratus, the commitment to our core value to Grow Expertise extends to every team member, and the leadership leads by example. Most importantly, a growth mindset starts at the top.

About Gratus Capital, LLC

Gratus Capital is an SEC-registered investment adviser. Registration with the SEC does not imply any level of skill or training. Our ADV documents are available upon request. 

About Focus Financial Partners

Focus Financial Partners is a leading partnership of independent, fiduciary wealth management firms, and Gratus Capital has been a Focus partner since 2014. The partnership provides access to best practices, resources, and continuity planning for its partner firms who serve individuals, families, employers, and institutions with comprehensive wealth management services. Partner firms maintain their operational independence while they benefit from the synergies, scale, economics, and best practices offered by Focus to achieve their business objectives.