Gratus Donates To Covenant House Georgia

At Gratus, we have a passion for investing in our community. In 2018, our team organized four volunteer events at local Atlanta organizations including the Atlanta Community Food Bank, the Junior Achievement Discover Center, Covenant House Georgia, and Aloha to Aging. After each event, the team completed a survey and voted to determine which one had the biggest impact on the Gratus team and the community. Although all four events were successful, the Gratus team voted and decided the event at Covenant House Georgia made the greatest impact overall. Covenant House Atlanta Donation In January, a group of Gratus team members visited Covenant House Georgia to deliver a donation acknowledging the impact of their event. The donation to CHGA will go towards helping Atlanta’s homeless, runaway and trafficked youth. Donations to CHGA have helped more than 1,300 of Atlanta’s youth in need in the last fiscal year. Donations like these open doors that lead to safety, shelter, educational and vocational opportunities and, eventually, independence and self-sufficiency. How You Can Help Taking the time to invest in our communities is highly valued by team members at Gratus. In addition to being fun team-building experiences, these events provide an opportunity to pause and put others first. To learn more about volunteering with Covenant House Georgia, visit or contact