“A Walk In My Shoes”

What if conflict or persecution forced your family to flee? This quarter, our team went through a powerful exercise at Friends of Refugees in Clarkston, GA. Their program, “A Walk in my Shoes,” helps individuals understand the experience of entering a country as a refugee. A refugee is someone who has been forced to flee his or her home because of persecution or conflict. We were invited to explore the heart and plight of refugees and left with a much deeper understanding of their daily routine, encounters, and feelings.

Friends of Refugees seeks to “empower refugees through opportunities that provide for their well-being, education, and employment.” Our team donated toys for their holiday store, where refugees can buy gifts for their children. Friends of Refugees understands the importance of maintaining dignity and offers these gifts at a reduced rate in an effort to empower the refugees and to restore confidence through their purchases.

Our team walked away touched and inspired by their stories. To learn more about volunteer opportunities or find ways to get involved, please visit their website www.friendsofrefugees.com.