Gratus Capital Remains a Top Ranked Steward for Its Select Group of Clients

Published By AdvisoryHQ . Updated | July 12, 2015 11:29 pm


This review is a follow-up of AdvisoryHQ’s Top 10 Financial Advisors and Wealth Managers in Atlanta, Georgia publication.

After going through our rigorous Breakthrough Financial Advisor Selection Methodology, Gratus Capital was selected as one of this year’s top rated Atlanta financial advisors.

Below is a detailed overview of Gratus Capital, including several factors that caused the firm to be ranked one of this year’s top advisors.

Gratus Capital Reviews (History/Overview):

Gratus Capital is a fee-only advisory firm that was founded in 2005 by Founder/President Hank McLarty, with the objective of assisting high-net-worth individuals, well-off families, and other corporate clients better manage their investment interests.

The company’s name “Gratus,” which is Latin for “grateful steward,” highlights its focus on providing exceptional wealth management counsel to a limited number of clients, as well as the firm’s gratefulness for the trust and responsibility that clients have vested in the firm.


Selecting Top Advisors and Wealth Managers:

As part of our selection methodology in identifying top financial advisors, AdvisoryHQ News reviews a wide range of factors, including a financial advisor’s fee schedule, fiduciary classification, scale, personalization, scope of services, experience level, transparency, and level of customized approach.

Click here for additional details on our selection process.


What We Like About Gratus Capital:

Large Yet Small Enough to be Flexible

An advisory company’s greatest strength lies in its team of financial advisors.

One of the first dimensions that we review as part of our selection due diligence is the number of “available” advisers a firm has to support its client base.

A company with an adequate number of staff members (per its total client base) will have the necessary bandwidth to provide customized service and attention that clients need to stay informed and on track.

Gratus Capital prides itself as being a large enough firm to inspire confidence amongst select groups of clients yet small enough to build individual relationships with clients and offer customized services.